Spic N Span
Spic N Span

Brooms, Buckets, Mops and Handles

Aqua Broom Head

Broom Heads – wide 45cm & 60cm

Cob Web Broom Heads

Deck Scrub

Kitchen Brooms

Lobby Pans
– Long handled dust pan and broom.

Toilet Brush Sets

7 Tie Straw Broom

Commercial Grade 400mm Mop Heads
– Available in a variety of colours.

Electro-Static Dust Control Mops
– Available in 30cm, 60cm, 90cm and Scissor Mop. Easy and fast way of cleaning dirt from your floors.

Foam Squeeze Mops
– Metal linkage – not plastic.

Henry Spray Mop
– Never need a mop bucket again. Parts available.

Plastic Mop Bucket – wide mouth on castors
– These are heavy duty mop buckets that you can also buy parts for.

Plastic Rectangle Buckets
– A variety of sizes are in stock.

Aluminium Handles for Mops

Aluminium Extension Poles
– Various sizes, 6ft, 8ft, 12ft and 3-part extensions.

Mop & Broom Bamboo/Timber Lacquered Handles
– Comes in small and large sizes. Composite bamboo/timber handles are strong and flexible.


Spic N Span