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Cleaning Products

Spic N Span stock a wide range of cleaning products for use in both household and commercial environments.

Our selection of industrial strength cleaning products range from toilet cleaners and air fresheners right through to car and truck detergents. Please browse through our cleaning product range below and give us a call on (07) 4776 3002 for more information.

ACA 90 Toilet Treatment
– Accelerates decomposition.

Air Freshener Concentrate
– Bubble Gum Air
– Silk Air
– Spice Air
– Vanilla Air

Bath Magic
– Bathroom mould and scum removal (commercial type ‘Domestos’).

BBQ and Grill Clean

Bleach 10%

– Toilet deodorant blocks.

Beerline cleaner

Caustic Soda

Cleaner Disinfectants
– Eucalyptus Cleaner Disinfectant
– Lemon Cleaner Disinfectant
– Odour Stop Cleaner Disinfectant
– Nova Caress Cleaner Disinfectant
– Pine Fresh Cleaner Disinfectant
– Cleans, disinfectants and deoderises.

– Auto dishwashing detergent.

Crème Cleanser
– Removal of grease body fat etc from hard surfaces (Commercial type ‘Ajax’).

Floor Stripper

Gensolv HD
– Heavy Duty Degreaser.

– Dishwashing machine detergent / glass cleaner.

Hand Soaps
– Anti-Bacterial
– CitroScrub
– Peppermint
– Strawberry

Hypo 10% Liquid Chlorine.

House Wash
– Mildew remover from walls and concrete – Spray on – hose off – no scrubbing – kills fungus on contact.

Hydrochloric Acid
– For concrete etching, pools.

Heavy Duty Aluminium Cleaner

– A natural pyrethron liquid spray that kills insects, spiders and silver fish.

Laundry Powder 20kg Aussie Blue
Highly active front and top load.

Mould Off
Kills mildew spores after cleaning keeps mould away longer.

Multi Clean
All purpose cleaner safe on all surfaces.Methylated Spirits 20 Litre

Neutral Citrus Clean
Natural citrus cleaner all types of cleaning- all surfaces. PH Neutral.

Nappy Soak
Oxygenated whitener.

Oxalic Acid
Rust removal.

Strong odour disinfectant.

Pacific Laundry Liquid 20 Litre
Highly active front and top load. Buying in bulk saves money.

“Pure Air” dispenser refills
Canester refills for “Pure Air” Dispensers. Variety of fragrances.

Rust Converter
Prepares metal for painting.

Rinse Aid
For dishwashing machines.

RCL 70
Removal of rust, calcium and lime stains. Works really well.

Spray and Wipe
Cleaner for all surfaces.

Commercial food grade sanitizer for all food preparation areas and surfaces.

Super Auto Wash
Auto Shampoo.

Super Soft – Fabric Conditioner 20 Litre

Tyre shine

Truck Wash
Heavy duty vehicle wash (non- caustic).

Total – Toilet Cleaner
Toilet and urinal cleaner.

Washing Up Detergent
Commercial grade top quality – low price. Buy in bulk and save!

Window Shine
Commercial grade window cleaner.

Vinyl Shine
Vinyl and leather rejuvenator.


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