Spic N Span
Spic N Span

Cleaning Equipment

Floor Pads 40cm
For Floor Polishing Machine. 40cm. All colours available.

Floor Tool
Available in swivel head for mop handle or hand-held.

Utility Scrub Pads
Available in;
– White (for non-scratch surfaces)
– Red (Mid strength cleaning)
– Blue (Strong cleaning)
– Black (Heavy duty cleaning)

Safety Wet Floor “A” Frame

Gloves – vinyl and plastic
Various sizes S, M, L and XL. Packs of 100.
Chemical Gloves also available.

Green Medium and Large Scourers
Sold individually or in packs of 10.

Scourer / Sponge
Sold individually.

Stainless Steel Scourers
Sold individually or in packs of 12. 30g, 50g or 70g.

Bug Sponge
Car wash sponge and removal of bugs non-scratch.

Microfibre Cloths

Heavy Duty Cloths Blue 10 Pack

Floor Squeegee 60cm and 75cm
With neoprene blade.

Window Squeegees
A variety of sizes and styles.

T-Bar and Sleeve
Ideal for walls and ceiling cleaning.

Trigger Spray Bottles
izes 500ml or 750ml. Good quality for chemicals.


Spic N Span